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The aim of the project was "to provide a comprehensive study on how Huawei has internally supported innovation and product development in the past 20 years, focusing upon the transition from 2G.

Controversial builders in panel to redevelop Mumbai’s red-light area – Controversial Mumbai developers Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka, who were accused in the 2G scam before being acquitted.

“Sex Matter” will take over the main gallery space, while “Trex” will open in the “2G” studio at Shibuya Parco. Well-known for his erotic portrayals of female robots, Sorayama continues to challenge.

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95 Wap Com WAP 5 is the name of a class of "High Speed" electric locomotives produced and used by Indian Railways.The first 10 locomotives were imported from ABB in Switzerland in 1995. They are supposed to be

The many facets of CAA: an unbiased summary – Article 15 of the Indian constitution talks about how a state cannot discriminate on the basis of sex, race, caste.

its own perspectives on government policies before. For eg, 122 2G licenses were.