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Delhi Polls: Manoj Tiwari Used Deepfake to Reach Larger Voter Base – While one of the videos was in English, the other one was in Haryanvi. Vice found out that deepfake technology was used on.

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The real video, however, was recorded in Hindi. As per reports a Chandigarh-based start-up Ideaz Factory was hired to create.

MRI Scans Show That Constantly Using Phones Damages Our Brain Just Like A Drug Addict’s 2.6K SHARES They used an original.

HYDERABAD: Watching a Telugu video automatically translated into Hindi without subtitles may soon be a reality as a team of.

Hindi करियर का पहला मैच खेल रहे काइल जेमीसन ने पलटी बाज़ी, जाडेजा- सैनी के फाइट के बावजूद भारत ऑकलैंड वनडे हारा। न्यूज़ीलैंड.

he says in Hindi. The videos were shared in some 5,800 WhatsApp groups.

An artificial Intelligence security analyst said.

Mr Tiwari says in Hindi. The videos were shared in some 5,800 WhatsApp.

AI security analysts say deepfake videos and audio.

Bakshi said the tool helped connect with different linguistic voter bases. “The technology helped amp up our campaigns like.